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When anyone advertises that something is free believe me it isnt. Nothing is free in this country ou have to put in a credit card number before you can procede.

Then if you dont cancel with in a certain amount of days they charge you which is a rip off, so therefore it is not free.

I have encounterd many sites on the web that are like that and I am pissed. Dont get suckered into Finally either becasuse it does not make you computer faster if anything it makes it slower My Computer had a virus and I tried to use it and the product they sell is Ascentive and after you pay for the disc to download you have to register and when you get to that part then it costs more money which is a ripoff

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i went to this website to see my one bureau cresit report through the trial version and when i was looking at my report i saw a tab showing free 3 beaureau credit report and when i clicked on it the 3 beareau credit report was opened without showing i will be charged something or not the other day when i checked my email i got the emails telling that i will be charged for $29.95.i was shocked to see that i didnt authorise for anything like this and why this thing happened even without showing that i ordered something and i am gona be charged for something.when i called the customer service he said yes you ordered the report but i told him i didnt authorise any withdrawl from my bank account but he said u will be just charged 12.95 for the monitoring i asked him is that all?he said yes sir that is all but after few days when i checked my bank account i was charged for 29.95.i was like 29.95 for the reports that i didnt even wanted to order i called back and the reufused to refund and said you ordered it so i just lost $30 right away for nothing.becareful with this website they will show you something and will try to find ways to charge you without you permission from your bank account or credit card account that you gave them at the time u made the account so once you are on this website never think that you will get something free from here.such a rip off website

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